Super Sewer Package Plants

Super Sewer Package Plants

Treat up to 20,000 litres of waste water per day with the leading environmentally-friendly waste water treatment solution. Find out more about Super Sewer Package Plants.

Types of Super Sewer Package Plants

Each Super Sewer system is specifically designed to meet our client's needs, usage requirements and the land.

We offer three sizes of Super Sewers: Mini (Household system), 10,000 L and systems for up to 20,000 L per day.
Our Super Sewer Package Plants have multiple configurations. Their modular design allows for customization and expansion as your needs change.
They can be designed as fibre glass tanks only, constructed tanks only or a combination of fibre glass & constructed tanks.

System Components

Super Sewer Package Plants may include the following elements:

Constructed wetlands.
Irrigation ponds & dam aeration such as fountains or sub-terraneal.
Infiltrator Soak-aways.
Bioreactor 300 pump & diffuser operation of F7 type.


Your needs and thus our methods of disinfection may vary from system to system.
Our methods of disinfection include dosing with sodium hypochlorite, ozone generation and chlorine dosing.


Your needs and thus our methods of filtration may vary from system to system.
Our methods of filtration include brush, grate, outlet, standard T-piece and laundry filtration.

Biological Operating Principle

Our system is the environmentally friendly, hygienic, natural option maximizing natural anaerobic & aerobic decomposition.

Waterwise - Disinfection & Testing

Produces an irrigable end product, requires no additional water to operate & can be designed to allow above ground irrigation.

DWAF Compliant - Suitable for irrigation

The treated water is suitable for irrigation as determined in the Revision of S.A.General Authorisation of Section 39 of the National Water Act 1998, revised 27 February 2004 Section 2.7 (ii).

Technically Supported

Our systems are technically supported & maintained by established, experienced staff. Routine Service contracts validate guarantees.


Locally designed & manufactured, easily & inexpensively installed, transported & maintained & the main equipment is locally repairable.


Negate the need for frequent, expensive pump-outs. Clarification & slurry process controls negate the need for further slurry processing or removal. Our systems have a low power requirement.

Modular Design Concept

Compact, unobtrusive & accessible systems to suit varied operational demands. Multiple possible configurations & systems allow for easy expansion.

Proven Design Technology - Well Supported

Regular testing by independent labs, years of improvements, experience, product tests & field trials. Well-established ISO accredited company.

Hardware - Electro-mechanical Design

Pumps, motors & machines are tested for suitability & are technically supported. All tanks, filters and other equipment used, are specifically designed to meet their functional demands.


We offer monthly servicing of our Super Sewer Package Plants within our local area of operation,
Quarterly services to regional clients and Bi-Annual services to distance clients.

Our current area of influence remains primarily Western Cape to Plettenberg Bay, where we install, maintain and service a host of Super Sewer plants for some of the countries’ leading lodges, eco-estates, boutique hotels, staff houses on farms and small residential or holiday estates.